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Policy, campaigns and debates


KOVE's mission to improve the quality of life for older people in our area includes campaigning on issues that matter to them, with the aim of increasing our influence on policy and policy-makers and thereby securing improved and better facilities. These include:

  • the provision of public toilets - see more at

  • transport issues, in particular bus services and crossings

  • the provision of benches.

Older people often find it difficult to get their voices heard.  A few years ago KOVE had significant involvement with the Camden Home Care Service Partnership. Click here to read a paper (Lessons for Older People’s Involvement: Two Examples from an Inner London Borough) published at the time. Authored by KOVE's Research Associate, John Miles, it looks at two initiatives – Camden Central Older People’s Steering Group and Kilburn Older Voices Exchange.  

On the sub-pages you can read about some of KOVE's other campaigns and initiatives: Webheath, benches and the Kilburn Debates